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Wednesday, 31 January, 2007 - 1:37 pm

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish tourists visit our islands annually. Our goal is to reach out to those tourists (and locals as well) and afford them a positive Jewish experience. If you've had such an experience in Puerto Rico, please share it with us! All of our visitors out there would love to read your reflections. So, say l'chaim, warm your hearts, and blog away!

Rabbi Mendel & Rachel Zarchi


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Erica Bogdansky wrote...

Rabbi Zarchi, Thank you to you and your family for welcoming my friends and me into you home for shabbos dinner. It really was a great experience. Thank you again,
Erica Bogdansky

Eddie Aziz wrote...

Thank You Rabbi and Rebbetzin for making me feel at home today. The meal was exactly what I need after a looooooong delay at the airport. Much bracha to you and all your family and staff.

Levi Stein wrote...

Very informative and interactive website I have not been to your center yet, other then virtually, but looking forward to visiting it next time I’m in Puerto Rico!
Keep up the good work!

Oak Park, MI

Yona Edelkopf wrote...

CONGRATULATIONS, Mazal Tov Rabbi and Rebetzin for the new website.
Its really nice and conivincing for those coming to Puerto Rico. The food on Shabbat changed my whole shabbat, oy and that Cholent smell wow blew me away.Keep up the good work.

Rabbi Yosef Kantor wrote...

Hi Mendy,
your site is gorgeous!
The best one i have seen for our kind of community with locals and travelers.

Bangkok, Thailand

jason jelen wrote...

Rabbi Zarchi, thank you for welcoming my family to the congregation for services. We really felt at home, and look forward to returning.

Jason, Michelle & Raquel Jelen

Susan Katzenstein- Feliu wrote...

I've been living"on the rock"for 6 years now. There is such a void in my life being away from MOT (members of the tribe) I live on the south west crner of the island and i almost never get to San Juan.
I hold a yearly seder at my home- 1/2 the guests are Jewish and the other 1/2 are not.I hope to be in San Juan on Sept 21 and 22 and will try to be at services. I am so looking forward to going.
PS- I am good friends with Phil and Gloria Maron and they are the ones who referred me to you.
I hope we get to meet.
Susan K.Feliu

Adam Rosner wrote...

I want to thank the Rabbi & Rebbtzin for welcoming my wife and I into their home .It was truly a meaningful and wonderful evening .
Adrienne & Adam Rosner
Bagel Boss

Helene wrote...

I enjoyed surfing your site. I'm looking foward to meeting you personally next week

chaim abramowitz wrote...

Shalom Rabbi,

You don't know me, but I am native Puerto Rican who became Jewish while living in Maryland. Just knowing the wonderful work that you are doing for Hashem on la Isla del Encanto is so heart warming. Just know that you, your family and shul are in my tefillos. I look foward to meeting you on my next trip home. I look foward to davening on the very Island that saw me grow and flourish. Thank you again. Shalom. Dr. Chaim Yosef Abramowitz

Fran and Josh Chesir wrote...

We love vacationing in Puerto Rico because of the beauty of the island, the tranquility of the beaches, the friendly people, and the availability of (almost) all the comforts of home while visiting a tropical paradise. The presence of a shul in San Juan truly enhances our Shabbat while on vacation, and the kiddush after davening Shabbat morning makes it even better! Thank you Chabad for all your efforts. Best wishes for a Shanah Tovah U'Metuka!

Irvine, CA wrote...

Thank you for providing the kosher meal service. The food was great and plentiful. It made it a true vacation for me, since I did not have to cook.

Dr Ira jacobs and Lisa Jacobs wrote...

Rabbi Zarchi: I would like to thank you and your wife for the warmth and hospitality shown to two wandering Jews from New Jersey. It is wonderful to have a "home away from home" at Chabad. Baruch hashem!

Luz Maria Vega wrote...

Dear Rabbi Zarchi, it is always a pleasure to contact you, and now am doing it from our new home in Ra'anana,Israel. We, Shlomo my son and myself Yocheved are so delighted to have you as our Rabbi in Puerto Rico. When we travel to the "Isla de Encanto" and we attend your shul, it is always pleasant and holy to hear your shiurim. We are very happy in Israel and we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the nice letter you wrote to the Jewish Agency in N. Y. about us. May you and your lovely family and your eternal congregation be blessed forever. Next year in Jerusalem!
Your friends Chesed Yocheved Avraham and Shlomo Avraham

dr.Rimma Sherman and Dr.Diana Kantor wrote...

We felt very welcomed,felt "at home".Rabbis speech was very inspirational.Food was great and "made with the heart".Thank you very very much for being there for us and everyone .

Stephen Chase wrote...

Thank You Rabbi And Rebbitzen Zarchi For Having A Wonderful Community In Puerto Rico Isla De Encanto, Also A Great Website. Its Always Nice To Know Hashem Puts The Right People In The Right Places. Thanks Again!!

Noach FOx wrote...

Stayed in PR for 4 days and I can not stop thinking of the great times I had in the Chabad House a Minyan everyday in the middle of nowhere it was such a good feeling. Me and my wife would love to thank you so much for the amazing food and meals prepared and brought to our hotel room daily hot and ready to eat!!

Thank G-D that you guys are there you made our little winter wonderland so much more comfortable and enjoyable and spiritual.

Noach and Devory Fox
Brooklyn NY

Steve Steiner wrote...

We had a most wonderful and memorable Shabbat thanks to your great food (plus the napkins and silverware).

It was a Shabbat to remember, as part of a vacation to remember.

The meals came right on time Friday, and we were using them right up until checkout on Sunday.

Best wishes,

T. P. wrote...

Dear Rabbi,

I want to thank you very much for having my dad and me at Chabad today, and especially for the Hannukiah and candles. I honestly didn't think I would be able to use it this hannukah, but we actually just had a little Hanukkah lighting on the ship. They wrote in our schedule that there would be a Hanukkah lighting and that the cruise line would provide us with the Hannukiah, candles, sufganiot, and latkes. But since the first day is always very hectic, they forgot, and there was a room full Jews in need of some supplies. And just to our luck, I remembered I had the things you gave us and ran back to my room to bring them back, where I was able to lead the service. In a way it was like our own little hannukah miracle and everyone was very grateful. Just thought you would enjoy that.

Chag sameach!

Laurie and Michael Bennett wrote...

Thank you for making our trip so easy and memorable.

Alan & doreen wrote...

Nice to be one of the first to visit. I wish you much success

Mary Jane Perry and Merri Godick wrote...

Thank you for your presence.

Mark Snyder wrote...

Thanks for showing the Jewish side of Puerto Rico


We wish you the best of success in this meaningful endeavor.

Michael Davidov wrote...

I'm a jew from Russia and I see you guys are very happy here in Puerto Rico, especially Chabad. G-d Bless you!

barry and cheryl klein wrote...

It was so nice to see this in San Juan. wishing you the best.

Loris Kaufman wrote...

Just starting, saw the sign and came in!

harry shames wrote...

thank you

eyal baruch wrote...

visiting from a cruise. nice to see chabad

Rodica Bouganim wrote...

I enjoy my self, thank for your welcome!
we are jews from Montreol, Canada.

shoshana wallach wrote...

Wonderful bumping into a Chabad center in Old San Juan and meeting Rabbi Levi.

B"h When I return we will pray in the new shul.


louis brown wrote...

Was passing and saw the Welcome Center and I'm so glad I stopped and met Rabbi Levi and am enjoying learning of his experiences...

ellen kerzer wrote...

Thanks for your hospitality.

janet goldman wrote...

thanks for all your help and the water too!!!!

enjoying r cruise from long beach!!!!

Wanda Presburger wrote...

We came on a mission with our Beverly Hills Rotary Club.
We travel around the world distributing wheelchairs to poor, needy children.

Wanda Presburger, Skylar Sarabia, grandson, dr Flora Zomorodi, friend

Pearl Kashenberg wrote...

It was great to see a Chabad in Puerto Rico.

kare azran wrote...

was a pleasure coming here & felt so welcome today. thank you karen and david


Thanks and good luck!

Orly Mascisch wrote...

love to know that Chabad is found everywhere,
Love being a Jew

Abigail Kazhdan wrote...

Thank you Rabbi Stein for the warmth, hospitality, kosher chocolate and Shabbas candles we found at Chabad of Puerto Rico! Yashar koach with all your ventures and may H bring you much bracha.


Abigail and Valerie Kazhdan

Daniel M. Perez wrote...

Hello, Rabbi Zarchi. I just read about the Welcome Center in Old San Juan and I am jumping with joy. Having Chabad in Puerto Rico is already a blessing, and every step you take to expand the awareness of Judaism in the island is simply fantastic. I look forward to visiting the Welcome Center next time I visit (it's been 3 years for me, so, soon) and get some PR-themed souvenirs. With Hashem's help, maybe soon there'll be some Kosher Puerto Rican food as well! All the best.

Peter Shulman wrote...

Hi , always great to know that no matter where in this world a Jew travels to he or she is likley to run into a Jewish community.
I will be coming to Puerto Rico this Saturday evening,my first time here.I hope to meet up with some "tribe"members in San Juan for to celebrate Hannukah.

I work for a small city in Los Angeles & my brother is a chaplain in the army stationed in Germany.Rabbi Griesman here in L.A furnished the Chabad information.
Take care,Look forwartd to visiting.

David and Debbie wrote...

B" H that Chabad of PR is there. Davening with a Minyan 3 Tefillos/day was great as was the kosher food. The Zarchis are wonderful people.

R. B. wrote...

First of all, we want to compliment your staff, the food was superb, much better than we anticipated.

We had a great time at the Ritz in Dorado. The place is amazing. Please tell your visitors that our attendant, after bringing us our food Friday night, asked us (without our initiation) what time should she come back to turn off the lights Friday night and how to arrange the lights over Shabbos.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to NY. I just finished reading Chaim Millers biography of the Rebbe, and was totally blown away. You and your wife are the heroes of the after story. Keep doing your great work

All the best

Moshe Pinto wrote...

Shalom from Mexico. Congratulations to Chabad Rabbi Mendy; in Mexico there is also another great Rabbi Mendy; I think both are already well recognized.

Steve Thum wrote...

Mazal Tov on the upcoming opening of the new Chabad Center.
We had the honor and pleasure of participating in Yom Kippur services with you two years ago - an experience my wife describes as her most meaningful and inclusive Yom Kippur service since childhood.
This year we look forward to joining you for both Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur this year.
It is great to know that just about everywhere we travel Chabad is not far away (although we didn't find one in Cairo).

Steve & Julie Thum

ST wrote...

We just left back to our hometown and want to thank you for our meals. The food was delicious and delivered to our hotel right on time each day.

Thank you!

Andrew Scharf wrote...

Rabbi Zarchi,

We can't wait to visit the Chabad again in the future. Wishing you and your family a very good Shabbos!


Andrew & Jenna Scharf
Woodmere, NY

James Fredrick Patrick Young (יתרו חיים בן אברהם) wrote...

Hi Shalom Aleichem,

I have seen the chages on the website becoming more and more developed. Yasher koach on that! I'm planning to come out and visit family in Maunabo, perhaps I can celebrate SHabbat with you while visiting the family here. :) I wish all of you a Chag Kasher V'sameach in advance!!! :)


Minka G wrote...

Dear Rabbi and Rebbitzin Zarchi,
I just read an article about Chabad success world wide. I want to tell you that you both epitomize all the good things about Chabad and I am so thrilled that I have had the honor to be at Chabad or Puerto Rico.
I hope and pray to see you this winter again.
Keep up your excellent work.

Dave kushner wrote...

A gem in the rough, who would of thought there's such a modern spacious beautiful shul, and food options just a few blocks from my hotel in peurto rico.
Very greatful